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 Do you need personalized help for a healthier lifestyle for your family?


Do you want personalized meal ideas that your kids will love?


Did your family gain excess weight during the pandemic?


Are your kids addicted to video games?


Are your kids bullied or teased?


Are your kids anxious or stressed?

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You will love our coaching sessions, because...

We make eating healthy fun for even the pickiest eaters. 

Get your individual nutrition assessment and design weekly meal plans.

Your kids will strengthen their mental health.

 Resilient kids, with improved self-esteem and body image, thrive.

You will move more and sit less as a family.

Reduce screen time! Sometimes it will be your kids encouraging you to get outside!

You will get personalized kid-friendly step-by-step recipes 

Our nutritionalists will prepare you recipes adapted to your family's unique dietary requirements

There will be fun kids-only sessions to inspire and motivate

In the kids-only session we will work directly with your little ones, to help them with their own healthy initiatives

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Mental health support

Get mental health support in a time of mental health crisis in the US.

With the anxiety of becoming a pre-teen, social lives, find ways to build meditation or stress management into your daily lives.

Understanding feelings and emotions/how to handle the
uncomfortable ones

KidShape Wellness gives your child the tools to become resilient. 

  • Understanding feelings and emotions
  • Practicing mindfulness
  • Managing stress & anxiety
  • Improving self-esteem & body image

Our sessions will help you find new ways to build communication in your family.

Managing stress and anxiety, stress management exercises and guided meditation

Families practice research-backed and kid-tested tools to help the whole family eat healthier. 

  • Finding tasty ways to eat more fruits & vegetables
  • Eating intuitively
  • Choosing healthy snacks & drinks
  • Eating healthy away from home

Improving self-esteem,  body image and nutrition skills

Find healthy ways to lose weight with a lifestyle plan NOT a fad diet or quick weight loss scheme

Learn nutrition skills such as reading labels, serving sizes and menus

Improve you child’s body image, self esteem and grow their emotional tool box. 

Change binge eating or emotional eating to a healthy relationship with food.

Finding tasty ways to eat more fruits & vegetables

Fun ideas for cooking and quick healthy meals for breakfast lunch and dinner.  

  • Creating a healthy meal plan
  • Enjoying  more plant-based meals 
  • Preparing healthy recipes that taste good
  • Cleaning out your kitchen with label reading and healthy food shopping
  • Healthy replacements for all of your favorite junk food snacks


Have fun while moving more. Fantastic ways to get active

We encourage families to move 60 minutes a day. Grab your bike, take a hike, or have a home dance party! Our sessions will help you find ways to get the family active including mom or dad. 

  • Have fun while moving more
  • Reduce screen time and address screen addiction
  • Find creative ways to get the entire family physically active 
  • Discover home workouts that can be done anywhere anytime
Start KidShape Family Coaching with your family!

Individual Family Wellness Coaching

Your Individual Family Coaching Package Includes:

  • An individual family nutrition assessment 
  • KidShape Workbook to document your goals and progress
  • 4, 8, or 12 LIVE private live sessions (of 45 minutes) custom made for your family’s needs and lifestyle, with our Registered Dietician or health psychologists who have over 25 years of experience and have co-authored our curriculum.
  • Schedule sessions at a time that works for you. You will also get the recording of the session so you can go back and replay anytime.

  • Nutrition topics include quick easy healthy meals that taste good, including fun healthy breakfasts and after school snacks, kitchen pantry redo to support healthy eating, smart shopping at the market
  • We respect dietary limitations and Individualized meal plan preferences – ie gluten-free, vegetarian, kosher,  we create a healthy living plan that can incorporate any allergies or other medical conditions or religious needs

  • Kid-focused stress management techniques, including meditation and progressive relaxation, with videos that they can access at any time
  • Tools for addressing emotional eating and overeating
  • Recipes and Cooking demos designed for kids and parents
  • Physical activity plan to increase physical activity
  • Weekly goal setting, and one-on-one support during the week

Choose your preferred option

Or reserve a single individual assessment session of 90 minutes ($125)

4-Session Family Coaching Package


4 sessions ($125 each)


8-Session Family Coaching Package


8 sessions ($100 each)


12-Session Family Coaching Package


12 sessions ($75 each)

FREE Consultation with a KidShape Expert for new Families

 A KidShape research study showed lifestyle changes resulted in 87% of the children who were overweight or obese lost weight and 80% of those children maintained that weight two years after the program.

What Families Say

"This program is awesome, and my daughter loved it. It's interactive, which is great; the kids had fun talking to the teachers and the other kids. The teachers are amazing and so knowledgeable. They have a great way of teaching mindfulness in a fun way that kids can understand. I recommend KidShape 100%."

Shani T, mom of an 8 year old girl

"I have two nine-year-old energetic boys.  One has little control over his eating, especially during the pandemic; the other has little control over decision making. They really enjoyed Dr Beth and found her funny. I noticed that over the last few days, Leo has employed some of the strategies and has eaten slower and less, and his brother has made better choices. One of the best things you can give a kid is good eating habits so check out the program."

Lori M, mom of 8 year old and 12 year old boys

"My sons had a fun experience talking about being mindful in life as well as food choices. They also enjoyed dancing around the living room with cans of tomato sauce in their hands being silly while being active too. The teachers do a great job with this program and we look forward to the next session!"

Mark R, dad of 9 year old and 12 year old boys

I love it! We are ready to join!


KidShape Wellness is designed by a team of Registered Dietitian Nutritionists and Health Psychologists. We are a team of four, we have been friends for the past 25 years. We are licensed professionals and practice daily what we teach:

We love to eat healthy, be active, and practice mindfulness.

The Individual Family Wellness Coaching sessions are run by various members of our team:

Beth Braun, PHD


Dr. Beth Braun is a health psychologist specializing in behavioral medicine, diabetes management, nutrition, and eating disorders for over 25 years. In her private practice Dr. Braun works nationwide with adults and children dealing with chronic health issues, and the related depression and anxiety. She works closely with the diabetes community and lectures internationally on mental health and wellness.

Shannon Martin, MPH, RDN


Shannon has more than 20 years of experience in health education providing nutrition counseling, education, and group facilitation. Shannon is trained in motivational interviewing, which supports change in a goal-oriented, collaborative partnership.

Rana Parker, MPH, RDN


Rana has experience teaching nutrition to a wide audience, from preschoolers and their families in the Head Start program, to college students, veterans and senior citizens. She currently works in employee wellness, providing nutrition services to a large organization with over 12,000 employees.


Christiane Rivard, MPH, RDN


Christiane has over 25 years of experience designing, implementing and evaluating weight management and wellness programs for children, adults and families from diverse backgrounds. As a mom of two video-game loving boys, Christiane knows the challenges of encouraging a healthy family lifestyle in a digital dominated world. 


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