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We help families improve eating habits, support emotional well-being, move more, sit less and manage screen time.


Kids learn to enjoy healthy nutrition, cook, manage stress, increase mindfulness, have fun getting more physically active and much more.


Our programs are designed by a team of Registered Dietitian Nutritionists and Health Psychologists.


KidShape Wellness for Families

Get healthy as a family, ONE HABIT AT A TIME with this fun 10-week program.  Families have fun together while learning tools to eat healthier, support mental health, move more and sit less.

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KidShape Workshops for Kids

KidShape has partnered with Outschool to provide interactive wellness classes for kids, ages 7 to 13. Classes focus on emotional wellbeing, healthy eating, tasty recipes, and fun ways to get moving.

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Individual Family Wellness Coaching

Do you want your family to build mental strength, improve eating habits, overcome screen addiction and increase physical activity? The KidShape team sets your family up for success with an individualized program designed for your unique family. 

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Customized KidShape Wellness Programs for Organizations

Interactive youth-focused nutrition and mental health programs tailored for your school, camp, studio, or youth organization.

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Not sure which program is right for your family?

We will work with you to find the healthy lifestyle program that best fits your family's unique needs.

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Build mental strength 

KidShape gives your child the tools to become resilient, including:

  • stress & anxiety management
  • mindfulness
  • positive body image & self-esteem
  • understanding feelings & emotions

Create healthier eating habits 

Families practice research-backed and kid-tested tools to help the whole family eat healthier. 

  • design healthy meal plans
  • choose healthier snacks and drink
  • enjoy more fruits and vegetables
  • eat intuitively

Move more, sit less

We encourage families to move 60 minutes or more each day.  Grab your bike, take a hike, host a dance party or create a home obstacle course. KidShape helps families:

  • find fun ways to get the entire family physically active
  • reduce screen time & address screen addiction
  • discover home workouts that can be done anywhere
  • learn how to stay motivated to exercise

Set goals, build a healthier family

Each KidShape workshop ends with goal setting - an important step in creating changes that become part of daily life. Families experience:

  • better communication as a family
  • more cooking & family meals together
  • increased family physical activity, less screen time
  • healthier eating habits
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