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Healthcare Professionals

KidShape has been reimagined to provide families virtual programs to support wellness.

Our goal is long-term healthy lifestyles focused on healthy eating, mental health, improved physical activity, decreased screen time and  positive behavior change.

KidShape uses evidence-based tools and meets the US Preventive Services Task Force guidelines to improve weight status in children 6 years and older who have obesity.

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Patient Resource

Families have the greatest success with the KidShape programs when they self-refer. If you would like brochures sent to you, please email us at [email protected] or download the KidShape Wellness flyer here.


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Healthy eating


The evidence-based nutrition curriculum was developed by a team of Registered Dietitian Nutritionists (RDNs).

Our RDNs are experienced health educators and behavior change experts, who make eating healthy fun.

KidShape teaches families research-backed and kid-tested tools to help the whole family eat healthier.  

Making health behavior changes


Our lead psychologist, along with our team of RDNs, has incorporated cognitive behavior modification tools into each KidShape lesson. 

Families learn evidence-based strategies to support long-term behavior change.

Stress management, mindfulness, positive body image are also included in the curriculum. 

Moving more


The KidShape curriculum promotes the American Academy of Pediatrics guidelines for physical activity and screen time limits. 

We help families find enjoyable and creative ways to incorporate more daily movement.

Families practice fun ways to move more and keep that momentum going long after the KidShape program ends.