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KidShape Recipe - Breakfast Burrito - No Eggs Needed

#familymeals #familywellness #healthyrecipe #hearthealth #mealplanning #plantbased #plantbasedeating #recipe Feb 17, 2023

Looking for alternatives to eggs? Want a new idea for a tasty and healthy breakfast? Check out this recipe from our KidShape Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, Rana Parker.

  • Mash firm tofu with a fork (drain water first) until it looks like small crumbles or the texture of scrambled eggs (kids can help with the tofu mashing!)
  • To mashed tofu, add spices: a premade taco seasoning mix, or make your own (try chili powder, cumin, salt, and pepper). Add about a teaspoon of turmeric for egg-like yellow color, and mix thoroughly.
  • Heat a large skillet with a small amount of oil or non-stick spray. Add tofu mix and saute for a few minutes, enough to heat through and cook off any water.
  • Add in cooked vegetables (Pictured: leftover roasted potatoes and carrots). Get creative with veggies: try new combinations, and use what you have! Black or pinto beans make a great addition too.
  • Warm the burrito tortilla, then top it with the tofu, vegetables and beans. Sprinkle with cheese or a spoonful of guacamole (optional), plus salsa and roll into a burrito. Encourage kids to create their own burrito!

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