Healthy Habits Bingo

Is it healthy for kids to eat plant-based, vegetarian or vegan?

#eatinghabits #healthyeating #healthyhabits #mealplanning #plantbased #plantbasedeating #plantforward Jan 30, 2023

Children can be healthy and obtain all the nutrients necessary for growth when limiting or completely avoiding animal products. 

A note about the differences: 

  • 100% whole food plant-based diet: no animal products and focuses on whole unprocessed plant foods. Limits or avoids processed plant-based "meats", "cheeses", etc. 
  • Vegan: Avoids animal products, but includes processed plant meat alternatives, like veggie “nuggets” and other products like Impossible or Beyond Burger. Some who follow a vegan “lifestyle” also eliminate other sources of animal products in their life, like use of leather.
  • Vegetarian diets: include some animal products, like dairy or eggs. 


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